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Canine Nutritionist-Consultants List

Are you looking for a dog-loving professional to help you formulate a new diet?  Nutritional help to address a specific health challenge? For a canine consultant to review what you're feeding now? Below is a list of Canine Consultants put together by Dr. Karen Becker, Lindsay Hadfield, Rachel Godfrey and Renee Morin.

Dr Karen Becker, Nutrition by Design
Dr. Becker creates raw and cooked recipes for dogs, cats, and other small animals. She primarily formulates diets for animals with special dietary needs. She encourages her clients to rotate through a variety of  fresh, nutritionally optimal homemade recipes. USA Website

Christine Ford, Wholesome Canine
Christine believes that dogs deserve the same quality of life enjoyed by humans, and that the best way to maintain that quality is to eat fresh foods. She offers a variety of consultation styles. Areas of focus include (but are not limited to) renal disease, IBD, and senior nutrition. Christine has earned two CASI certificates and has been consulting since 2010. CANADA Website

Christelle Jansen, Pawsome Health
Christelle formulates proactive individualized raw and cooked diets for healthy adult dogs with a focus on weight management plans for overweight dogs. She has a passion to share her knowledge with pet parents. and obtained her certificate of Canine Nutrition from The Companion Animal Sciences Institute. AUSTRALIA Website 

Monica Segal, Nutrition Solutions for Dogs
Monica is certified in Animal Health Care by the University of Guelph. She & Jody Zesko formulate proactive and therapeutic diets for adult dogs (obesity/weight-loss, food intolerances, liver, heart, kidney, cancer, digestive, urinary, cognitive, behavioral, skin/coat, joints, lifestage). Monica formulates puppy diets, is the author of K9 Kitchen, and has been in practice since 2002. CANADA Website

Dr Laurie Coger, Healthy Dog Workshop
Dr. Coger is an integrative and functional medicine veterinarian, dog owner, trainer, and breeder. Her mission is to guide owners down the natural dog care path, helping them to become educated and empowered advocates for their best friend’s health. Dogs, puppies, medical and special needs. USA Website

Sacha Packer, The Balanced Canine
Sacha is a graduate of the Companion Animal Sciences Institute and has extensively engaged in continuing education. She formulates for healthy adult dogs with a focus on novice fresh food feeders, transitioning, hybrid diets, and easy to follow recipes. She is currently enrolled in Nutrition Case Management and Certificate IV in Nutrition specializing in Sports Nutrition. AUSTRALIA Website

Michelle Lowe, Perfectly Rawsome
Michelle is certified in canine nutrition through the Companion Animal Sciences Institute. She is currently enrolled in the Canine Health & Nutrition course through the British College of Canine Studies. She works as a nutritionist with Perfectly Rawsome and formulates raw diets for puppies and adult dogs. USA Website 

Sarah Griffiths, The Animal Synergist
Sarah has a 20-year educational & professional background working with wild and domestic species. As a homeopath, Sarah focuses on the needs of animals by recognizing both their ancestry and individuality. She uses species-appropriate nutrition and homeopathics to support physical & emotional well-being: the foundations of good health. CANADA Website

Emma Rutherford, Natural Canine Kitchen
Emma is a Functional Companion Animal Dietary Consultant, creating balanced whole food recipes, specializing in female reproductive health. She's studied nutrition since 1989 and is a consultant with pet food brands internationally. Emma also offers training for vets to learn how to balance pet food. UK & Switzerland, English Swiss, German, Some French. Website

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