Our Story

North Hound Life was born from my desire to share with pet parents the power of whole foods for their dogs. Having a dog in your life is beautiful and I want your dog to live a healthy and happy life.

I’ve had dogs in my life for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Muskoka we were surrounded by dogs and my parents kept our dogs healthy and happy. My mom would take our small long-haired chihuahua with us wherever we went, and little Suzie would be content in my mom’s purse.  And, I have a memory of crawling into a dog house after our Golden Retriever/Husky mix had a litter of puppies. I'm certain my parents loved our dogs as much as they loved us. This beautiful connection to dogs I experienced growing up is what I want everyone to have. You could say, North Hound Life is an extension of my family, for as much as my grandfather was a veterinarian (the kind that used real food, herbs and supplements in the old world way), my mother was a pioneer in selling organic foods and natural health products.  The College of Integrative Veterinary Medicine, Dogs Naturally University and other thought leaders have rounded out my continuing education.  Completed Supporting Geriatric Health continuing education with Dr.Barbara Fougere. 

For the last few years I was a driving force in a fast growing Canadian organic dog treat company - Flying Hound. North Hound Life is grounded in the same high quality ingredients producing natural, whole food products to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Our products are proudly made and hand mixed in our own Canadian facility located in Muskoka. Free from artificial ingredients, synthetic nutrients, preservatives, and chemical processing.


 North Hound Life Grazyna  Certified Raw Food Nutrition Specialist